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Knowledge and motivation are paramount, when constructing any successful Health and Fitness program.  TFR SEMINARS look to teach, motivate, and inspire those looking to get the most out of any learning session. TFR offers a unique experience of getaways, seminars, stay cations, and classes in the Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, and Southern Regions of the United States.  

TFR has over 20 years worth of knowledge in the fitness industry.  So whether its teaching the community ways to save money and live healthier by eating in, or taking a bunch of fitness rookies on a nature hike, TFR is there to Inspire the world to an excellent status of health.


Past Events


Come join us as we open up the dialogue on Athletics and Masculinity and its possible effect on mental health.  Fitness Professional Gabori Partee will be on the panel, along with Khalid Scott, LCSW, and retired NFL Football Player Corey Mays.  

 There will be food, drinks, and refreshments for the audience, so come on out.  You are guaranteed to leave with a new perspective.  Hope to see you there!

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