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Tis The Season "To Be Jolly"

Tis is also the season to keep things the same! Keeping consistent with a regular workout program, makes a world of difference during the holidays. It's your duty to strive for a regular schedule of physical training and activity, during a time period of such chaos.

If you were part of a group class before the holidays, try to continue that class to finish the year also. If you had 1 on 1 sessions before the holidays, keep up with these sessions also.

There may be reason to take a day off, but not the entire season!

Ok Just One Party!

We know that everyone in the USA will be hosting or attending either a Christmas Party, or a NYE party!

Do yourself a favor and try not to be the person going to (or hosting) every event over the holidays. Make it a point to attend maybe the most important of the holiday parties. Theres nothing wrong with partying for the last day of the year. Just make sure you get back to normalcy as soon as possible. The more you sit and consume those calories, the less time you will have to fight the urge to overeat, sleep immediately, and move less.

The Depression Fight

More suicides deaths occur during the holidays than any other time of the year. Here are some ways to fight depression and be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy during this important time of the year.

1. Stay around loved ones. Make sure you don't isolate yourself during the holidays.

2. Make NEW holiday traditions, and try not to focus on the past traditions.

3. Get away from it all. Take a trip around holiday time so that you don't have to focus on the holidays.


-Plan Ahead. You can start as early as November 1st, setting up the plan of attack for the holiday season.

-Be creative and fresh in your methods of staying active.

-Make staying active apart of a family activity. When family is included, it becomes a much more interactive experience.

-Everything In Moderation. No matter what you do in life, good or bad, it can be too much. Always practice moderation.

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