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A New Decade: A Look At This Past/Present Decade In Fitness

WOW!!! Hard to believe that the 2010's have come and gone! We are actually in a brand new decade! From Siri to Alexa, Beats headphones to the wireless Apple Ear Pods, and basically all of ur music being accessed digitally, technology really exploded this last decade. Clothing even took a turn back in time! Designers started to use less fabric, and big companies like Nike, Under Armour, and companies like Lululemon spearheaded the fitness fashion frenzy! So now everywhere you go, Americans wear fitness gear even more than they do jeans and t-shirts.

Fitness wasn't far behind! The 10's brought on a fitness explosion unseen in the past! Every type of group workout that was popular before, actually exploded. Pilates and Yoga continued it's class dominance, while newbies like Zumba, and CrossFit became cult like sensations. Even MMA and adventure races made an even bigger impact than they had prior to 2010.


The decade saw people transition from big gyms to the local boutique gym to get in shape. The number of personal trainers and fitness pros that provided 1 on 1 or small group training saw crazy growth. It became pretty cool to actually like the instructor of a class, not just the equipment used in the big gym. Those things, along with the class packages that small gyms offer at a discounted price, really helped in popularizing todays current state of fitness. Boutique studios even provided the semi privacy that most large gyms can't offer. It was a win win situation for both the gym as well as the client.


As a US Marine, I saw my share of adventure runs and challenges on a weekly basis. I pretty much vowed to never participate in anything of that sort, AGAIN! Nor did I think the pressure would be on me to do so. But upon getting out around the end of the first decade in the 2000's, I noticed that everyone had a reason to run.

Not for profit groups like TEAM RWB and Girls On The Run took their respective places in the fitness world as they looked to support the troops and empower young women through running and fitness. Running became much more popular in the 10's also. We actually saw the times where it was no longer cool to just run a 26.2 mile race, and feel good for the rest of your life!

Studies showed that the sport of running grew grew by over 50%,

with marathon races growing faster than any other race. Over this last 10 years, marathon races saw the biggest increase of around 49% due in large part to first time runners. All of a sudden everyone wanted to take the challenge. Other more adventurous races included Spartan Races and The Color Run brought toughness and fun together in the form of fitness. As a fitness professional, and owner of The Fitness Representative Personal Training, I saw client after client come in and request that I assist them withheld on how to increase they're cardio.


Before last decade, you had to be an athlete or get hurt during a sporting event (physical therapy) to be introduced to functional training. But with Companies like TRX and BOSU, you learned first hand, the benefits from using ur own body weight, with a few pieces of equipment to get the job done. Classes for functional training and bodyweight training became just as popular as yoga and dance classes.

The same could be said for Boot Camp classes also. I ran a Fitness Bootcamp Class for over half of the 10's, which was very successful the entire time. It was a great way to add dynamic calisthenics, minimal usage of equipment, and the maximization of small or large spaces. Boot Camps actually made it tougher to see clients in a 1 on 1 session.

The Future In Fitness


As we go deep into the future, women no longer want to be SKINNY! Women lift weights just as much as men these days, and are prone to request weight based workouts over the treadmill. The days of "I might get to muscular" are long gone. Women have started to embrace that shredded look that only men yearned for previously. So the next time you go to the gym, its almost a 100% guarantee that you will see a woman lifting weights.


Now you don't have to go to a destination concert or music festival anytime you want a good getaway. Though they are not new, fitness conferences from companies like IDEA HEALTH & FITNESS and PERFORM BETTER are great destination fitness festivals that should keep you knowledgeable, in shape, and enthused about fitness.


The next time you go to the Dr, and the visit is over, there are a couple of suggestions that are for certain to be advised.


With all the health benefits of staying active, and living a fulfilled life, there's no way you have to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Between working out and doing fun social activities with family or friends, you should be able to do fine.


Fast Food will never go away, but at least you could take the time out to cook at home one more night during the week. Studies show that families who eat together are overall healthier, happier, and communicate more about what's going on inside.


Too Much running Isn't Good

Strength Training Is All Good

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